About Redox

More than just a job, join the Redox team and enjoy a career.

We’re amongst the largest chemical and ingredient distributors in the world and yet at Redox you’re part of the family.

Agility comes easily to us, you can suggest a breakthrough idea to management and have it implemented quickly. We’re down to earth and approachable, you can pick up the phone and speak to a Director anytime.

Our stable, private, family ownership means that we look at the long term picture allowing the company to invest confidently in stock, staff and infrastructure for future growth.

Through our amazing partnerships, motivated team, world-class systems and aggressive approach Redox has consistently recorded double digit growth for more than 50 years, if you join us you join the winning team!

We count the world’s biggest and best amongst our suppliers and customers, that comes with enormous responsibility and advantages that we take very seriously.

Redox is a meritocracy. Deliver results and gain progression, recognition and reward.

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